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    Trim command with SSD 400GB P3600




      I have an Intel SSD DC P3600 PCIe device. I use ext4 fs and kernel 3.16.0-34 from ubuntu 14.04.2


      I would like to ask two questions:


      1. What is the preferred way to enable trim on this device -- with the "discard"  mount option or using the scheduled "fstrim" command?

      Or  both?


      2. If I issue the "fstrim" command, it returns almost immediately. I suppose the SSD device continues discarding after the "fstrim" returns.

      How long (upper limit) can it take to trim 320GB or data, assuming that I did modified this data between discards?


      $ sudo fstrim -v /mnt/intel_ssd/

      /mnt/intel_ssd/: 322074972160 bytes were trimmed


      Thank you




      Device details:


      $ sudo isdct show -intelssd

      - IntelSSD Index 0 -

      Bootloader: 8B1B0129

      DevicePath: /dev/nvme0n1

      DeviceStatus: Healthy

      Firmware: 8DV10130

      FirmwareUpdateAvailable: Firmware=8DV10130 Bootloader=8B1B012D

      Index: 0

      ProductFamily: Intel SSD DC P3600 Series

      ModelNumber: INTEL SSDPEDME400G4

      SerialNumber: CVMD4381005E400AGN