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    Computer freezes randomly


      I´ve built a new computer with following parts:


      MSI x99s sli plus

      Intel core i7-5820k

      Crucial DDR4 Ballistix 2400mhz 8gig

      Geforce GTX 750i 2gig

      Kingstone SSD 300v

      Cooler master G650M 650w


      And bought OS windows 8.1 (why o why)


      The issue started from day one with the computer randomly froze and it wasnt responesable at all, had to shut down the computer by force with the power button, as every time it froze.

      Installed the latest drivers/updates for graphiccard, chipset, network, windows update, and god knows what. It still continued to randomly freeze regardless of what i was doing, trying to isolate the issue by shutting down services, background programs, used ccleaner and a program from windows to shutdown services (i defently have memory issues). It still continue to freeze.

      One thing i found out was that without Intels network drivers i had no internet, after i installed these the network started to function, but when i searched for errors i different services and stumbled upon the drivers it pop up a window saying the drivers was not compatible with running system (believe it meant windows).

      Started to search for most common issues with w8.1 and tried a few of the things other ppl had problem with as changing power management to perfomance and so on. Nothing helped.

      I started to check all hardware for malfunction with different benchtests as super pi, windows memorytest, and gpu test (cant remember wich). Had 3 cpu benchtests (only pushed 3/5 of cpu power xD) and 1 gpu benchtest on at the same time, quite impressed with the components No tests shows any issues regarded the hardware.

      Everything is correct installed where it should be, no pin on socket are bent, everything is just fine, and still this problem.

      Made a live ubuntu usb and booted linux onto the computer, finaly the problem disappeared. But as a normal person i dont use linux. Isolating the problem to do with some kind of software issue i installed windows 7 instead and now everything is fine, havent frozed once yet. But i dont have any licens for w7 so i have 30 days before i cant use the computer again, and since i bought w8.1 i want to solve the problem if there´s a solution.



      Any thoughts or help regard my problem would be gratefull.


      Another issue i had with w8.1 was that the computer started itself even after i shutdown services that are able to do that??? strange