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    Thinkpad I7 64bit 8GB, Intel 4600HD graphics blanks the 3D window when Punch Home and Landscape Design Pro V17.7 attempts to render the 3D model. T42 w/ 3000 graphics, T500 64 bit 4000 graphics , T530 all OK


      3 Thinkpads, all running Win 7 Pro.

      T540 64-bit, 8 GB, I7 with 4600 HD Graphics;

      T520 64-bit, 4 GB, I5 with HD 300 Graphics;

      T500 32-bit, 3 GB, Core 2 with Intel 4 series express


      T540 3D window is dark when Punch Home and Landscape Design Pro, V17.7 attempts to create the 3D window.

      T520 and T500 work fine with same Punch application.

      Punch Developers state that they have several issues with the 4600 Graphics and are working with Intel.


      Any help from you on this issue would be appreciated.