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    Intel HD Graphics 4600 - Fewer colors for HDMI




      I recently purchased a new ASUS desktop that uses Intel HD Graphics 4600 along with a 4K UHD television (links below).  When the computer is connected to the television using VGA everything looks great, but the resolution is capped at 1920x1080.  When I connect it to the television using HDMI (the television supports HDMI 2.0) it will run at the 3840 x 2160 resolution but the colors look very poor.  For example, the item that is highlighted on google's search dropdown looks identical to the items that are not highlighted.  I would guess that the graphics processor is just having problems running at the high resolution so it is reducing the colors used, but when I reduce the resolution down to 1920x1080 with the HDMI cable the problem remains.  I did hook my computer up to an older 1080p television using the VGA then the HDMI cables and the colors looked great.


      So am I limited to fewer colors if I want to use my 4K UHD television at full resolution?


      Thanks in advance!


      ASUS Desktop PC M32AD-US009O Intel Core i5 4460 (3.2GHz) 8GB DDR3 1TB HDD Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit - Newegg.com

      Sceptre U500CV-UMK 49" 4K Ultra HD 60Hz Class LED HDTV - Walmart.com