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    Upgrade from 2nd gen i5 to 2nd/3rd gen i7?


      Hi everyone

      I have a Sony vaio with intel HM76 is it possible to upgrade from a i5 2450m to either a 2nd gen i7 or even better 3rd gen i7, according to intel the hm76 supports both 2nd and 3rd gen cpu's. My service manual has the block diagram for the motherboard for Processor (IVB) Dual/Quad Core (SNB) Dual Core Micro-FCPGA-988B (988-pin rPGA socket) TDP: Dual/Quad Core (35w) 37.5mm X 37.5mm. For HM76 TDP 4w 989 Ball FCBGA PCH (PPT) Panther Point-M


      If any i7 cpu is supported what ones could I choose from?