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    DP55WG fan control / Intel Desktop Control Center ?




      I purchased the Intel DP55WG mainboard, because its manual states the fans can be controled using Intel Desktop Control Center [1].
      However the control center is only available for the DP55KG and DP55SB, not for the DP55WG!? [2]
      I also tried installing this version, but the setup checks which mainboard I use and then refuses to continue.


      What about an version of the control center for the DP55WG? Any other ways to control the fan? Speedfan didn't work.




      [1] Page 25 of http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp55wg/sb/e70715001us.pdf
      [2] http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/software/dcc/index.htm

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          Hi Srynoname


          As far as I know Intel  Intel® Desktop Control Center. is , for Intel® Extreme Series Desktop Board.

          Yours is a Media Series motherboard.





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            Hello Span1shUk,

            thank you for your reply. This is exactly what I get shown as error - it says I have no Intel extreme motherboard. So I guess it's a fault in the manual, great ):

            Any other ways to control the fan? Can someboy tell me, how much I can control the fans using the Desktop Control Center? Somebody knows some screenshots where to see this? Maybe I'll update if the Desktop Control Center provides a good fan control...

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              I have this board and been checking out the same thing.  The CD with the board says it includes Intel Desktop Utilities, so you run the setup and end with nothing more than a link to the Intel download website, where it says the utilities are due in December.  Link here http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=3066&DwnldID=18281&lang=eng


              So as we are almost halfway through December and have holidays starting next week, is this due to be delivered this month still?





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                Olá. Sou do Brazil. Comprei uma MotherBoard DP55WB, e estou com um problema de compatibilidade, gostaria de saber se a Desktop DP55WB Funciona a Memória Markvision 1333 MHz, Toda ves que vou extrair um arquivo do winrar da erro de crc, ja troquei tudo só falta a memória então gostaria de saber se essa memória é compativel com a DP55WB.. obrigado.




                Core i5 750 2.66 GHz

                DP55WB Motherboard Desktop

                ATI HD Radeon 5770 1 GB 4800 MHz 128 Bits

                4 GB DDR3 Markvision 1333 MHz

                Samsung HardDisk 7200 RPM 500 GB

                LG DVD/RW

                Fonte CoolerTech 500 W Real

                Monitor T220M Samsung HDTV

                Mouse Microsoft Arc 2.4 GHz

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                  to my knowledge, Intel isn't planning to release IDCC version for media series boards(I have the WG, too). another option would be to include min/max fan speed in a future bios version, instead of " control on/off" switch. currently, "off" works, but noise level is too high, and the "on" setting keeps the fan at lowest rpm until 60-65*C, and runs at about 30% of full rpm at 75C. way too hot, not to mention vr circuits, you can boil an egg on those, I'd say at 75C it should be running at 60-70% of full speed at the very least. As for the IDCC itself, I haven't tried it, but I read a review on a different site, the guys back there clearly state that it basically sux for overclocking, as well as fan control, but at least it does it. and I wouldn't count on speedfan for right now, the author just released a version fully supporting the Winbond w83667hg chip, and these board, afaik, are some of the earliest implementations of the Winbond w83677hg chip. imo, it'll be awhile till he sits and rewrites his program, which is free in the first place.

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                    All of Intels documentation say the board supports the Intel Desktop Control Center and the download section says available in December, what makes you think they will not release it for this board out of interest?


                    The CPU under load running at 70 degrees or so (the BIOS only starts reving the fan up at 80 degrees) should be no problem, silicon can run upto 150 degrees (but rarely does as other things start to go wrong before then, like plastic going soft and melting), and the CPU is rated to run at 99 degrees, or mine is anyway.  Under full load I doubt there is any fan or heatsink that will keep the temperaure much lower as it is being generated quicker than it can be transfered away from the silicon by the heatspreader on the CPU, unless you start going for more elaborated cooling.  Also the temperature measurement is from the actual silicon at the hottest part of each CPU so overall the processor is probably running quite a bit cooler.


                    I take your point about Speedfan, it does take a while to get support of these chips.


                    I'm perhaps the opposite of you as I'm not concerned with overclocking especially as the turbo boost is just really doing the same thing in a nicer more control fashion.  I like control over the fans so that I can reduce the speed of them more so





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                      I have a media series DG45ID.  It had desktop utilities for 32-bit and am expecting the 64-bit version sometime.  The BIOS values are not good enough for me.  With an Antec 900 I haven't seen any value in having fans above low but I don't do much gaming.  I also lack air-conditioning so there is a point where I simply don't use computers even if they will run.

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                        idu (intel desktop utilities), shouldn't be confused with idcc (intel desktop control center). idu was to be available in December, and just today the message changed to January availability. this program is for monitoring only, you can't change fan speeds with it. idcc is something quite different. intel docs don't say the board supports idcc, they say it supports idu and fan control, and you can control it from bios right now (run at full, or let the board control it automatically), and idcc docs specifically say it's for extreme series boards only, so... as for temperatures, yes, you can run it at processor's thermal limits, throttling will stop it from frying anyway, but good luck with having the system running for more than intel's factory warranty period. Tjmax for these hasn't been released yet, it's just guessed to be at 99, what they did release is the recommended max operating temps, which are about 70C. And i don't overclock mine, i like the power saving features, but with overheated vreg chips you won't get much of that either. but look at the bright side, with this portable nuclear reactor under the desk one can save serious money on heating expenses during winter :-D

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                          Thanks for the explanation.


                          They don't run that hot, I find it much cooler than the Core2Duo this motherboard/cpu replaced even though it is a faster speed and 4 cores and the power consumption is much less.


                          I also think heatsinks on the power phase transistors are little more than go faster stripes   The transistors are designed to work at their maximum ratings without any heatsinks required, and a heatsink resting on the top of the plastic package that isn't designed for one isn't going to be very effective at removing heat.  There are examples of burnt out transistors on these types of board even where heatsinks are in use.


                          For people that don't overclock (not much need when the cores ramp up automatically anyway) there should be no problems.





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                            i finally returned this mainboard and got the better model. the fan software however, is very disappointing, you can't really control anything, if i remember it right one could just set a fixed fan speed. i finally ended up with a biostar minboard, they have a really great fan control which is bios based and therefore even os / software independent. my pwm fan is running at 400rpm on a core i7 860. you won't hear that. just great. if the cpu gets hotter, fan gets faster (you can configure, how fast it gets faster). tried several boards, biostar has the best fan control i've seen, so if this is important for you i can only recommend you to try a biostar board (they seems to have the same great fan control on all of their boards, at least my 2 year old socket am2 board has the same fan control - but don't think that's bad, they just did it right 2 years ago).