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    Blueproximity package


      Has anybody installed the blueproximity package on their Edison? It is a very practical tool to react to a mobile phone proximity (measured via bluetooth).

      I could not find a package for a direct installation via opkg.


      People are using it with Raspberry Pi already " I use BlueProximity and Raspberry Pi's GPIOs for automating some tasks ie. Opening my garage's door when I get close to it with my phone in my pocket."

      BlueProximity download | SourceForge.net

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          Hello LightBulb,


          According to the BlueProximity documentation, you should be able to run it by downloading the package and the dependencies. However I been trying to install it and I'm not able to find some dependencies compatible with Edison's architecture (i686). Here you can find an great repo for Edison, you could check if the desired package is available in this repo. If it isn't, some users request for packages in this thread. You could try requesting for it or to port it yourself.