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    DP45SG with the boardID only show bios and opertaing system


      I need help with this issue, My Pc is a DP45sg which I bought recently and I saw in the board that is a DP45SG no problems at all, but I'm tring to using integrator assistant, and other software to check it and the last I tried to use is the board ID tool, I also have another PC with a DG35EC and used the same program and showed the Model, the board version, the bios and the operative system but in the DP45SG only show  the bios and the opsys, maybe this is the problem that make it can't run the integartor assistan that said that my board hasn't a ID populated or the IDDC 4, i forgot in this moment the exact name that this (my) deskboard is not extreme series when the DP45sg is extreme series, Could someone help me?