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    Harddrive / windows / serious problems!




      Im having some serious problems with my computer. Its a Dell XPS 600, with a Foxconn ls-36 motherboard and an intel pentium d 930 processor.


      I recently decided to format my harddrive and reinstall windows xp as I believed I had a virus. However when I inserted the windows disk, booted it up and selected to reinstall windows it came up with the message that no harddrives were installed on my computer. At the time I thought this was strange but maybe due to the virus. So I formatted my harddrive via a USB - SATA connector on my laptop.

      The format worked perfectly and I partitioned the drive. However when I reconnected the drive windows could still not recognise it.


      At this point I purchased a new harddrive in the hope this would solve the problem however the same problem occured.


      The harddrive/s are recognised in system bios whch puzzles me even more as to why windows does not recognise them.

      Also when I attach the harddrives onto my laptop via the usb connection windows setup WILL recognise them but because of it being a USB connection will not install windows.


      Can someone please HELP!!!!!