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    plz helppppp me its serious


      i have intel 915g/gv mother board ddr2 ram.

      i wanna know that is it supports ddr3 graphic cards or not.plz helllp me i m tensed

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          - well the memory on the graphic card is not affected by which memory the motherboard supports(a GFX is more like an independent sub system with it's own processor and memory) so you should be able to use a graphic card that has integrated DDR3 memory if this graphic card will be working with this motherboard at all. This means, that as your board is older, it might have problems with latest graphic cards. Would say it's up to you to test it. Maybe someone has here been running this MBD with a graphic card with integrated DDR3 MEM

          - so in general a graphic card with integrated DDR3 memory will work on this board, but not every product from the market.

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            sir plz tell me that what should i do?

            should i take risk of buying ddr3 card for this board(intel 915) or not? do you confirm that i buy ddr3 card and that would run on my board plz telll me bro


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              - sorry I have never had this mainboard so I can not talk from my experience and there is a risk that you can buy a graphic card that will not function on your mainboard. Would be better if you'd have the oportunity to test a certain graphic card for example to borrow from your friend etc. so that you know it will work there and buy the same one.

              - hey guys out here..have anyone used this mobo? does anyone know which card could be working there for sure?

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                hey bro i have no idea how to search my problem from net?

                plz help me if u can?

                plz search my motherboard compatibility for ddr3 cards plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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                  - hey mate, I really have no clue, have checked google shortly but the only thing I could find was on this page (http://www.overclock.net/nvidia/292067-overclock-8400gs-2.html) where the guy uses a NVIDIA 8400GS which comes also as an DDR3 card.

                  - I would strongly recomend you to borrow a graphic card from your friends or go to a shop with testing facilities or someone in your neighbourhood who's up to computers and could have some graphic card at home and test it for you if it's working or not on your motherboard so that you are sure.

                  - I can not help you further unfortunatelly, if you want to be sure, test the GFX first. I have no experience with this particular mobo.

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                    - there is no graphics card compatibillity list for your motherboard on Intel web pages.

                    - this is the Intel support page for your mobo(at least I suppose you might have this one as you haven't stated which exactly): http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/D915GAG/