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    updated driver, graphics now worse, HELP!




      I just updated the driver on my Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset Family to driver However I'm finding the graphics are now worse, with screen occasionally flickering and the display driver stopping and freezing whenever I try to play a game. I was not having this trouble before I updated the driver. How can I revert back to the previous driver. I tried to roll back the driver under device manager but that button is greyed out and not allowed. Whar other options do I have?

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          get in touch with the the pc's manufacturer which i don't put a lot of stock in!! bust this happened to me customized driver for video cannot update  you can not find info. really i tryed for 33 days! i know intel is aware of my issue hp pavillion 64 bit model A6813w driver has no memory dedicated to video and cannot update drivers? so i'm afarid you will be better off and a happy guy when you buy a graphics card with memory in it or the board may customized be but save your rage and get a card.