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    intel d845hv motherboard question



      my intel d845hv just died and i actually found quite a few on ebay. Im really trying to find the same motherboard so i dont have to reinstall windows xp and go thru all that. The other model number i have on the board is E210882, which i have found a few as well. But my probelm is alot of auctions list the the number on the white sticker next to the CPU that differ from mine, which is A63929-305. Ive found several mboards with all the same numbers except the white sticker number that in many cases may be identicle except the last 3 digits, (A63929-306 or 304 and 307). All onboard options appear to be the same but are these the same mboards,  that will let me not have to reinstall windows.

      thx for any input