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    D945GCLF2 - Led just blinks 3 times.


      I changed the SDRAM settings to Manual / Aggressive. MB powers up, fans run, but no video, only LED blinks 3 times which means memory error.  I have pulled the battery, let it set overnight, but it still refuses to loose the setting.  Current memory stick is Kingston KVR667D2N5/2G.  I have tried faster and slower memory, but the board refuses to boot.

      Is there some other way to reset the board, or do I just toss it out???

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          ok i had this same exact problem  it was bad ram 2 gb crucial so what i ahd to do is remove 2gb stick and remove cmos battery then install different ram i used A Data 512 ram i had spare install it with battery out install battery and boot pc if pc still does not boot video remove battery once more and re-install it again. I do not know why this worked but it did several times like cmos had to re-adjust to new battery if i tried installing ram without removing battery pc would get stuck in memory error. my 2gb stick worked for about 5 months then blinking light but pc is good now and im writng this on it i hope this helps.