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    DD45SG Fan control.




      I have a problem.

      For some reason my CPU fan stays at 700RPM even when i push my system to 65 degrees.

      The only option i have  in bios is:


      Cpu Fan Control  Which is (Enabled)

      When i disable this the fan stays at maximum until my system is fully booted,

      Enabled it starts off at 700 and stays there.


      I can change the fan speeds manually in 3rd party programs.


      I also have this menu but can't change annything:


      I updated my bios today and still got the same problem.


      Any fix to this?

      Thanks for reading



      Speedfan claims mu cpu is at  -50 to -70 degrees while the values it gives for  the cores are ok.

      Intel desktop control center does give normal values and so does the Bios.



      Someone with the exact same problem.


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          i'm no pro at case fans, but i'm just curious... are you using 3 or 4 pin (PWM) fans?


          also, do you have options in the BIOS to tell the board whether each fan is 3 or 4 pin?


          if i recall correctly, the third pin on a case fan is for feedback of what RPM it is running at, and pin 4 (only newer fans) will allow the motherboard to adjust the fan's speed, to slow it down or cut it off when things are cool, and rev it up when things start heating up.


          can anyone expand on that? i'm curious myself.