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    Link Speed dropped to 10Mbit/s


      I have two S3200 Series boards running windows 2008 X64,

      one with two On board NICs one with a single on Board and a Pro/1000 GT Desktop Adapter in it

      "Recently" - weeks or a month, the Link speed on all 4 has dropped to 10Mbits/s instead of 1 Gbit/s

      • other devices (workstations running win7) on the same Hub are working at 1Gb and transfer machine to machine at 4Mb/sec plus
      • transfer rate server to server and server to workstation maxes out at 1.2Mbytes/sec
      • Link Speed Settings make no difference
      • All settings set to defaults
      • roll back driver makes no difference
      • Disconnecting the cable brings speed up to 1Gb - on Task Manager and Details pane


      I am uncertain if this happend after latest MB chipset update, or what, but that seems to fit timeline.

      I am about to install V14.4 drivers