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    D915GRO Spec Sheet

      My board is a "d915gro" and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get my hands on a spec sheet for this board. I am intrested in installing a SSD for my OS. I am not to sure on which SATA is on my board I or II. Thank you.

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          I also have the D915GRO motherboard, according to my software, in a SOny VIAO VGC-RB34G Desktop with Pentium 4 3.2GHz CPU.  I do not know the the answer to your question, but interested in any information available about specs. and options for value of upgrading the CPU to the 3.8GHz w/2MB Cache for video editing.  My advice is checking to see when SATA II was first used. The BIOS is dated 2005.


          I am also wondering if the dual core Pentium 4 CPUs are compatible with this motherboard.

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            Knowing the age of your board it's SATA 1.5. which will work with the new SSDs just not as fast as a SATA 3.0 or 6.0. But the SSD will work they are backwards compatable .

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              Cowboy I don't want burst your bubble but these boards you are talking about are EOL , end of life , Rather than spending $400.00 on a SSD I'd get a new board , for your SSD. I'm Not tring to be funny these boards just are not worth putting any $ in.

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                Thanks, Robert, and I agree that the planned obsolessance  of these motherboards and video/photo hardware is ridiculous, and a new processor on this one probably is not worth the effort and expense.  (But I remember when a Pentiun Pro 150  was hot stuff.)


                Where are the "green" people at Intel and Sony when you can't find specs on a product less than 5 years old?  However, I have 5 PCs and am "souping up" a Gateway 500SE with an Intel D845PT to a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz (came with 1.6) and running Ubuntu Linux on it for less strenous duty, but I admit my next replacements are to a new laptops. 


                I did find more information searching for  "D915G" (leaving off the last 2 letters) and getting a .pdf on D915Gxx motherboards that was helpful.