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    Raid 1 volume is not utilizing full volume size


      My current Raid 1 volume is not utilizing full volume size.  Through a series of disk failures and Raid 1 rebuilds, my system went from (2) 160GB drives to currently (2) 320GB drives, but is now still showing the original Raid 1 volume with 160GB.  Each of the two times the Raid 1 was rebuilt it copied the original Raid configuration and its original volume size (160GB).  I didn't mind at the time, but now the drive(s) are reaching the full 160GB capacity and I would like to utilize the extra space from the drive(s).


      I was told if I set the drives to NON-RAID on the option ROM a message will say all data will be lost, but this is not true since Raid 1 is rudandant and creates two identical drives.  I then boot to one of the drives, and extend the partition using the full capacity of the drive with a third party utility, and then use the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager console on the operating system with the option to create volume from an existing hard drive. 


      My main objective is to re-create a new Raid 1 utilizing the full 320GB volume size with out losing any of the original data on the drive(s).  The part I'm not understanding is the use of a third party utility to extend the partition.  If I set the drives to NON-RAID like mentioned and boot, shouldn't the OS (Windows XP) see this new drive capacity to be 320GB with 160GB utilized (or 160GB+/- free space)? 


      Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on this please?  Or any other methods?  Thank you.