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    I can't update my bios in any way! DP45SG




      I am trying to update my bios because my current version doesn't control my fans (They stay at 700rpm while the cpu runs hot)



      Express BIOS Update Doesnt work.

      I get a black screen after startup while my fans go at 100% and have to manually reboot. It says Bios Flash Succesfull but doesn nothing.


      F7 BIOS Flash Updat Doesnt work

      I don't have that option in my bios (Thanks Intel great job!)


      iFlash BIOS Update Can't do this.

      I don't have a floppy drive to make a bootable USB


      ISO Image BIOS Update Doesn't work because i get this error:

      Can't open CD driver CDRCACH

        SHSUCDX can't install.

      ERROR: Failure loading; unable to find CD-ROM drive!

      ERROR: If you have multiple CD-ROM drives, please remove the other

      ERROR: CD-ROM discs and try again.  Otherwise your disc may be corrupt

      ERROR: or the CD-ROM driver does not correctly support your system.


      ERROR: Please reboot your computer now.

      Recovery BIOS Update Havn't tried this one yet seems to be a bit harsh for a simple Bios update


      Integrator Toolkit BIOS Files Doesn't work cause i have Vista 64


      Any ideas ?