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    Decision x5570 or w5580 when using 3D Applications


      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen out there,


      I need your help and knowledge for a decision.
      I'm going to buy a new workstation at Dell company within the next 4 weeks.
      I will use it mainly with 3D applications Maya and Rhino.
      It will be a dual processor workstation and uses one of the following processors:


      x5570 or w5580.


      I know about the basic technical differences:
      x5570    2,93 GHz 95W
      w5580    3,20 GHz 130W


      But when reading technical forums it is sometimes said, the x5570 is specified for server applications while the w5580 is made for workstation use.
      So besides powerconsuming and clockspeed, are there any markable differences with the application running?
      Will a x5570 handle Maya or general Rendering actions any different then a w5580 does?


      Thank you very much for your help