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    XP Pro will not install


      I bought a barebones kit with the Intel DP55WB board, i5 Processor and a Seagate Barricuda 750GB SATA drive. When I install XPPro it loads everything up until a point where it states:


      "an unexpected error (769) occurred at line 5152 in D\:xpsp1\base\boot\setup\setup.c.    press any ket to continue"


      Is this a motherboard issue or a hard drive issue? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated



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          A couple of things:

          1. Has the HDD been initialized? If not you will need to put it on another system to do that.

          2.Win XP PRO, what service Pack? if it is not at least SP2 then it def will not work.


          Do you have vista or win 7 to test with?


          *just noticed that in the error you are getting it says you have SP1, theres your problem


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            Thx Cpt.Dogfruit for the reply. I am confused though as I did install the same setup on a different computer I had SATA though new install and it worked I thought

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              Hi Drew,


              I just want to post to confirm this could be a larger issue.  I also picked up a set of parts for a friend to put together a new PC today, consisting of the DP55WB board, the i5 processor, and a 1TB HD (don't know the make off hand).  I am running into the exact same error when running windows setup off an xp disc. 


              I am going to check if the drive happens to be faulty, but this seems to be too much of a coincidence.  As for what the other poster stated in point "1".  As you probably know, hard drives don't need to be 'initialized' in any way, the windows xp setup program will detect the drive, and then give the open to partition and format it during setup.


              I have read elsewhere on the web this error is caused by problems with the setup program and the MBR of the hard disk.  I will be checking my drive tomorrow on a different system to ensure it is not the issue and I will report back here afterwards.    Maybe we've uncovered an issue with this new motherboard.. unfortunately

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                Hi ardiesr,

                Problem solved

                1. I did what Cpt.Dogfruit suggestede I initialized the drive on another computer. I'm not sure if I reallly needed to because I still had the same issue afterwards but I could not see the drive in the other computer until I intilized it so it did something.

                2. Then I found the solution on the web at



                Cpt.Dogfruit was correct again so give him credit for the answer please.


                You have to have at least SP2 on the instal disc.


                Once I made my copy of my original XPPro with SP3 I put the disk in and everytjhing went smoothe.


                Good luck you can email me if you have any questions


                And Cpt.Dogfruit thankyou for making me look at the SPack issue



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                  I'm fairly sure I was using a slipstream with the latest service pack, but I'll double check to be sure.  It could be related to the initialization you did which would be strange as the same chipset on a different board had no issues with a fresh drive

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                    I appear to have a new problem, my computer constantly reboots itself. Im thinking a defective Hard drive?


                    Any thoughts?



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                      Well, I decided to go ahead and partition/format the drive before setup got to that point.   First I tossed in an old win98 disk to boot dos prompt, ran fdisk, it found the disk, went through making a partition, but failed upon exiting (when it must write the MBR).  I then tried running "fdisk /mbr" and it failed saying the MBR was write protected.  At this point I poured through the BIOS in case it had some MBR protection, but none found.


                      I was about to give up and grab a new drive but decided to toss into a different winxp box and went through my computer->manage to the hard disks and right click->initialized the drive.  Somehow this worked and was able to write the MBR, so I partitioned and formatted the drive before detaching it and tossing it into the new machine to run the winxp install which worked.  Not sure what was up with the MBR on the disk (I never got to try gparted as I built the system with a new ATI card which failed to load off the live cd).


                      System is up and stable after all this crap, however I have noticed some issues with the onboard (rear) USB.  Occasionally with the 3 USB devices I have set up (mouse, keyboard, wlan) occasionally the mouse/keyboard will stop having any input reach the computer (i.e. mouse will 'freeze', keyboard will repeat the character depressed) for a few seconds.


                      Constantly rebooting could be any number of things, I'd double check any sata cables aren't loose as I found the ones with this board have terrible connections on the HD/CD side (find on the MB connection), they don't attach solidly at all and can fall out easily.

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                        Problem appears to have been a bad driver for the ATI card I put in it. I removed the drivers and then was able to put in the original driver so far comp is very stable.


                        Also make sure you upgrade the Bios         

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                          I bought the exact same thing as drew. I want to install Win xp pro 32 bit SP3 and windows took care of formatting the HD just fine. Did all the preliminary checking the computer stuff and seemed to be going along fine until the progress bar showed up in the bottom left showing "Installing Devices". The progress bar goes to the right until a little over 50% (and says 35 minutes left) then the computer screen goes blank and computer reboots. It then starts the setup over again at 39 minutes. Keeps doing this over and over. My video card is a GeForce 9500GT and is recognized just fine at bootup. Must be a device that windows doesn't like. Any suggestions? Am I supposed to somehow load the Intel drivers CD first? Any help would be appreciated - thanks.