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    DX58SO audio problems realtec stop working


      Hello guys,

      I have a major problem here with my audio

      I am using vista 64 bit ultimate and 4 days ago suddenly my audio stops working the error is "No audio output device installed"  I have tried almost all the possible counters updated bios with updated realtec audio software nothing works. On device manager my game, sound tab is gone too. Somehow i manage to get it back and error i counter was "code 10" I had no option but format the whole harddrive with a fresh copy of windows 64 vista. During the installation of the windows  when my computer was restarting i had finally have sound .

      I was so happy until i started to install my intel drivers from the original cd. As soon as i installed intel chipset software instal utility boom lost the sound with a previos error prior to my format. "NO audio software installed". Well i kept installing my network and realtec audio drivers , however, nothing worked.

      I tried to uninstall the chipset it doesnt work.

      I know for a fact that i got no cabling disconnecting etc issues since i got the sound for brief of time prior to install the drivers.

      I am so disappointed and searched all over the net.

      I might just reformat the hard drive with a fresh copy of windows again but without installing the chipset utility. Is it worth to try since i had a sound before i install this?

      i am so confused Please your feedbackks are needed.

      Intell people please help,



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          Hi Nicholas1980


          Yes is problably best if you format again, however this time instend of installing the drivers from the CD download the latest drivers from Intel Web site.


          Also is best if you install the drivers on this order.


          1 Chiset

          2 Audio

          3 Graphics.From your Graphic Card manufacturer.


          Link to latest chipset driver: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=10884&lang=eng

          Link to latest Audio driver: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=3018&DwnldID=16998&lang=eng





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            Thx Span 1 i just got home and im formatting the hard drive again. I already downloaded the latestest chipset drivers etc wish me good luck i ll get back with the results.


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              This is the 2nd time i format, no matter what i do i get sound sign with X  and says "no audio output device is installed" and it is installed fresh x 2.

              Update the bios, update the mother board utility updated the realtec high def audio. Nothing works. I tried wihout updating too. It still doesnt work . I NEED SOME INTEL PEOPLE TO RESOND

              Please help here.


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                Hi Nicholas.

                It's a shame that no one from Intel has responded to your problem and frankly I don't think they ever will. I have the same problem as you, but on an Intel DG33BU motherboard with Windos 7 Ultimate. Seems to work fine during install of the OS, b ut as soon as I start to install the drivers and in the order thats mentioned above... Boom! It happens again. Like you, I have downloaded all the latest drivers from the intel site and from the Realtek site. But to no avail. What I'm about to try is installing the OS (without an internet connection) and install only the audio driver. The latest version from Realtek being r2.43, or something like that. After that, but before rebooting, I'm going to disable the automatic driver download from windows update. A friend of mine sugested doing it this way. He believes that when I sstart Windows the auto update is loading Microsofts own HD Audio codec and it may interfering with the Realtek one. If this works. I'll be posting back in a couple of hours. If you already have a solution. Please pass it along, even tho' our boards are not the same, the solutuion may prove universal.

                Wish me luck!