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    S5000PSL - Fans too slow - server too hot




      I have a problem with my S5000PSL.


      It is build in a Chenbro RM21706 case (other case) (example picture: http://www.chenbro.eu/assets/2008/08/13/product0802093571.jpg) with two

      Dynatron H6EG (http://www.dynatron-corp.com/en/product_detail_1.aspx?cv=1-4-205&id=30&in=0) CPU fans.


      The airflow of the cpu fans should also cool down the fb-dimms.


      With full load, the fb-dimms gets up to 110°C, but the CPU fans dont speed up.


      Is there a way to setup the CPU fans to have full speed the whole time? Or speed up on any high temperature?


      Kind Regards,

      Marco Balle