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    Need help with INTEL E5300


      So i got this product from NEWEGG with the new cpu cooler and I installed the processor and my PC turns on but it doesn't load or anything and then when i put my old processor with my new cpu cooler it works just fine...Could it be a problem with the processor? should i replace it? cause i'm pretty sure it's not anything else since my old processor works just fine.Thanks

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          Hello Muffz,


          Make sure that the board is compatible with the CPU. Dont check just by the model of the CPU, check if the CPU with the current SL number is on the tested and validated list.


          Make sure to have the latest BIOS version for the board.


          Try to boot the system with minimum configuration, no dvd,hdd,external card card connected to eliminate power issues.


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            That's the problem...I am absolutely clueless about this BIOS...i don't know how to update/upgrade it...How do i get the latest bios version for the board?



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              So right now i'm sitting on my old processor with my new heatsink...since my new processor doesn't load but my pc turns on...I'm pretty sure i need to update the bios before but i have no idea how to do so.

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                What motherboard or computer do you have?

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                  well im not having that same problem i got it working just fine im using the right motherboard the lga 775 socket but anyways what im wanting to know is what is this whole thing about 64 architecture on here im asuming it means it needs to run a 64 bit os instead of a 32 bit os im running 32 bit windows 7 on it now and the performance is not what i expected my other dual core processor i have is 2.2 ghz and its seems to run better then this does with the exact same amout of ram 1gb. i have looked it up online and all still dont tell me rather or not a 64 bit should be used on it but only once it just said 64 bit so any tips on what to do

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                    There isn't much point in having a 64bit operating system if you only have 1gb of ram, 64bit OS is needed to support >3Gb of Ram.


                    There are many factors that define the performance of your computer, so it's hard to say why one computer is slower than another.