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    Issue w/ my DG965WH


      I have an crappy situation w/ my motherboard (DG965WH). I have talked with Microsoft to figure out if this is their issue or not and I've zeroed in on the problem. I originally had windows vista ultimate on my machine and everything had worked fine for two years but one day my computer just shut down and would not turn back on. I had tried multiple times to reinstall vista ultimate but it would get to a certain point where it would just stop and the install would fail. So one of my buddies lent me a copy of windows xp. That worked totally fine... until I installed all of the drivers for my motherboard. It worked fine until I got to a certain install, the driver for the Lan:Intel Pro network connections driver for intel desktop boards. Thats when my computer got F'd up again. So I went and bought a new network card and now xp works fine. But I want to use Vista ultimate... does anyone have any ideas... I don't want to try to download that driver again unless I know its gonna work. Thanks!

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          Hi Stickeicky


          Did the Windows Vista Ultimate installation CD that you were using had SP1 included on the instalation CD?


          What order you follow installing the drivers? For example: 1 Chipset 2 Audio 3 Video....


          What Vista is it? 32 bit or 64 bit?

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            Thank you for your response... and yes it does have sp 1 ( 32 bit) on it and with vista it didn't even allow me to install the drivers myself, it did it automatically. When I did it myself in XP... I had tried it multiple ways but in the exact order I don't know... just every time... no matter what order I installed the drivers the computer shut down right away after I had installed the driver for the network card part of my board.

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              I doubt the board or software is the problem.  It sounds like something is aging; a hard drive, power supply or graphics card.  Depends on what you're doing with the computer and the quality of components.  You say you narrowed it down so maybe I'm wrong but this motherboard can take a hit and keep on ticking.