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    X-25M G2: getting low random 4K read/write speeds


      I'm getting pretty low random read/write speeds on my Inspiron 1720 laptop running Vista and I can't figure out why. Here are my specs:


      OS: Vista 32-bit

      CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.40 GHz


      IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers:

      ICH8M Ultra Storage Controllers - 2850

      82801 HEM/HBM SATA ACHI Controller


      SATA: Generation 1 (150 MB/s)


      SSD: Intel X-25M 80 GB G2


      Other Settings/Tweaks:

      AHCI is turned on in BIOS

      Tried disabling Vista indexing

      Defragmentation is disabled



      And here are the benchmark results:


      CrystalDiskMark (Test Size 100 MB):

      Random Read (4 KB): 15 MB/s

      Random Write (4 KB): 32 MB/s


      Random Read (512 KB): 125 MB/s

      Random Write(512 KB): 74 MB/s



      I've seen others reach as high as 20 - 30 MB/s for 4K read and 60 MB/s for 4K write. I've turned off indexing and deframentation and still no luck. Are there any other tweaks I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated.