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    ICH9R 4GB volume missing in Disk Management


      I have purchased 2 WD 2TB drives and added them to a ICH9R in RAID0.


      I ended up with a perfectly valid (from the IMSM's POV) volume called "RAID 0". The drive shows up in hardware management (devman) but not in disk management, thus is not partitionable (and, of course, no drive letter or anything). I've been searching and I can't find any XP limitations of sorts, only NTFS limitations, which, firstly, can be circumvented and secondlty do not apply to not showing up sindrome.


      DevMan shows one disk, RAID 0, and one disk WD250 (with the OS). Disk Management shows one disk.


      I already tried rebooting, upgrading software, removing and rebuilding the volume, nothing.


      I ended up breaking the RAID and using the 2 drives as-is and building a software RAID 0, momentarily bypassing the issue.


      I still have the issue, because

      a) I don't want a software RAID and

      b) I wanted to upgrade to RAID10 next week and I need hardware support - XP doesn't do RAID 10 very well.



      Any idea why this is? If it's an XP limitation, why did work as a software volume? Is it a driver limitation?