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    RAID Controller not seen on reboot (S2600 - RMS25CB040)


      Have Intel Server with S2600ip4LHPC mobo and RMS25CB040 controller.

      Upon warm boot, no controller is discovered = no data drive.

      Upon cold boot, controller is discovered = have my data drive.


      No other issues, is only an issue each month following Windows updates.



      BIOSID: SE5C600.86B.01.02.0009.042520121156

      RMS25CB040 is 6.702.7.0


      Not sure what changed...have not really done much with system since original deployment  Q4-2012

      Past several months have just been powering down and restarting as work around...

      Could have been addition of drive that is on the internal RAID controller....as a non-member, non-RAID drive.

      Integrated controller, using ESRT2, has 3 drives, 2 RAID-1, 1 non-RAID

      External controller, RMS25CB040, has 4 drives RAID-10


      POST never 'sees' the RAID card on restarts - takes a power cycle to discover the card.


      We have had some issues with Windows Updates on 2003 servers, this is a 2012... but this is obviously pre-O/S.

      Could be driver update distributed through Microsoft updates.


      Just curious if anyone has ideas before I start throwing a lot at it...