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    How to turn off scanwhenassociated function on the ac 3160 dual band wireless.


      I get ping lags while gaming that last around 2-5 seconds. I have pinded down the cause to the ac 3160 daul band wireless card scanning for other wifi connections even though i am connected to a wifi connection. So turning off this scanwhenassociated function will help as i have read and tested my self. I tested by pinging www.google.com -t in cmd and then clicking on the wifi connection so it scans for connections automaticlly. So i have confirmed that this is the cause but when i was following the other forums guide on how to turn this scanwhenassociated function off. i couldnt find it in my regedit. According to the other forum guides the "ScanWhenAssociated" should of been right under the "RxStbc" but it is not ? any ideas guys ? I have the lattest drivers and software btw.

      problem wifi.png