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    audio stops, mouse & keyboard freeze. Known problem?  Help??


      I got my NUC D34010WYKH a few months ago and had one problem--the screen images going all blurry and odd colored.  This was fixed by using a usb extension cable to distance the inputs.


      About a week ago the computer began freezing, especially when watching YouTube videos.  First the sound would stop, the video continued and the mouse and keyboard froze up.  After a minute or so the keyboard and mouse would release but the video didn’t play. The problem was on every video and began between a few seconds to 45 seconds in.  Now the problem has lessened and sometimes I can watch for an hour or more. However the problem still exists and it also affects the audio on Skype calls (with the accompanying keyboard and mouse freeze.) BTW the mouse and keyboard are both wireless.


      Is this a known problem?  What can I do about it?  TIA.