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    Minimum Requirements - Unable to install HD4600 drivers




      First post here. I'm looking to install graphics drivers for my Intel Core i5 4670k. The driver I have is an x64 driver for my x64 installation of Windows 7 and it's telling me I do not meet the minimum system requirements. I have been googling and found that it could be to do with my Nvidia GPU being in at the time, and that the graphics are switched off. But I can't believe this for a minute, when even with a GPU the system is supposed to support QuickSync, which requires it to be on.


      I'm trying to install the drivers to get QuickSync to work... Do I need to switch off my system, with only the integrated chip being used and unplug my GPU just to install the bloody thing? Or am I missing something here? I'm also using an MSI Z87-G43 mobo.