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    Complete driver list for Windows 8.1


      For those Just Looking for the drivers here they are:


      First install this one (Intel embedded drivers):

      Intel® Download Center


      Then Install the graphics, Bluetooth, and Wireless drivers from here:

      Intel® Download Center


      Finally you can use this Zip for the remaining unknown devices in device manager:

      DriverStore.zip - Google Drive



      So after having a corrupt stick delivered with a corrupt recovery partition (go figure!) I set search on re-installing windows from an ISO image. Come to find out Windows 8.1 with Bing is some weird version that Microsoft doesn't provide consumers with install media for. I was able to find an x86 ISO on a file sharing site that i was able to re-install Windows 8.1 with Bing that activated properly. From there there is a mess of missing drivers:


      I downloaded the 3 drivers directly associated to the compute stick and come to find out the Graphics driver wont install. After installing the embedded driver from here:


      Intel® Download Center


      I was able to install the graphics driver after installing that package. I am still missing the following drivers and was hoping someone knew where to get them:


      Intel(R) Trusted Execution Engine Interface






      Intel SST Audio





      Intel(R) Power Management IC Device






      Intel(R) Sideband Fabric Device






      Realtek Bluetooth UART Bus Driver





      UPDATE: I was able to install these missing drivers by pulling them from a running stick. Although this is not what i was looking for and would still like to find the intel packages it may be of some help to people:


      Here is a link to the ZIP


      DriverStore.zip - Google Drive

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          Have you tried running the Chipset Installer? It isn't listed in the download center for the Compute stick. Win8 w/ Bing isn't listed as being supported, so if smoke starts pouring out... don't look at me!


          Intel® Download Center

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            @Al_Hill -  The link you sent is the drivers i mentioned in my original post so that is of no help.


            @Zeke - Tried installing this although the magic smoke didnt come out none of the devices where resolved. I was able to get the drivers from the corrupted image to get the stick running properly but would still like to find the intel source

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              Sorry. Missed that the link to the googledrive was there.

              After downloading the file and pointing my devicemanager to the location.. all worked out.


              Now i will try my primary quest to install windows 10 on the stick..

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                I uploaded the ZIP with all the drivers i couldnt find on the intel site and will leave it on google drive for a reasonable amount of time. Still wish that all drivers required to run the stick where given to us by Intel for the stick.

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                  thanks to your drivers i'm now running the Intel on a stick with Windows 10 insider pro edition.

                  Litle more Power and it would be greate. Dual screen with USB display and streaming audio and all..

                  Thanks again..!!!!

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                    Thank you so much, I am all set now!.  Debating on going to Win 10 but I want to keep WMC running since that is how all the tvs in my house are connected.

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                      Thank you! Everything back to normal. Putting Win 10 update on hold until Intel get a driver pack ready.

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                        Thank you. I had a delivery in the same state as yours.

                        I'm playing with it for now, though I may still outright return it rather than RMA.

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                          reaper607: just wanted say, THANK YOU!!


                          I screwed up my Intel Stick when I couldn't upgrade from 8.1 w/Bing to 8.1 Pro. I had to run a fresh install and there were a half-dozen driver problems. All of the ones you listed here were the same as mine. I downloaded yours from the link and everything is 100% good to go! No "other devices" or exclamation marks.


                          Thanks so much for sharing, it's helped me get back on track!




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                            Windows 8.1 with Bing is not a weird version, it is Windows 8.1 with Bing as the default search engine, and it is a version available only to OEM (nothing weird, it is just to reduce cost on low cost computing). There are ton of devices there. The reason it is not provided to customers is that again, it is OEM only in the EULA and you would need the key in the EFI BIOS anyhow.

                            It is up to OEM to provide a recovery image.

                            I believe that it comes with a recovery image inside, which you should backup before doing any changes to the disk, but maybe Intel would post it later.

                            I have a More Fine M1, and I found the recovery image. Intel has more drivers posted and seems to have better support though. Adding the recovery image would fix this.

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                              I have 3 problems with your statements here:


                              1.) Comments from Intel support have stated that they cannot legally make an image available on the web yet other manufactures can (hannspree for example). Why is that?

                              2.) When your machine arrives with a bad image are you just supposed to backup your bad image. Probably not. Now your wasting money in shipping and waiting another 1-2 weeks for something your already paid for.

                              3.) Unless you have links to share i was unable to find drivers for a bunch of the items on the Intel site having to pull them from a running stick and there is absolutely no mention of the embedded driver required to get the video driver to even install. I don't call that good driver support at all.


                              This is supposed to be a community forum to help the community of people who use, and are excited about, this new product. Your statements tend to try to protect Intel from constructive feedback that they should take into consideration to make their product better.


                              P.S. Windows 8.1 with Bing is weird in the sense that there is no install media publicly available. I would guess the default search engine on all Microsoft provided installers is Bing. There is nothing special here other than some extra text and no install media

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                                Sorry, my statements were not supposed to protect Intel from constructive feedback.

                                I used a couple of devices, and Intel is the only one that actually published the drivers, and it has all the drivers in 1 section

                                Intel® Download Center


                                However some of the drivers won't be installed by Windows by default because the CPU is too new, but installing the Wifi drivers, and then the bundle (to fix quickly a bunch of drivers) the rest will be installed by Windows update automatically as you update Windows itself.

                                In any computer with an Intel chipset, I would also install the chipset driver and that takes care of a lot of the problems.

                                As for the image, to make it available it needs to be prepared specifically for the computer offered. I had someone all the requirements for it (I have an account as OEM so I checked Win8 with bing, but would have not worked for me).

                                What I was clarifying that Windows 8.1 with Bing is not a weird version at all. It is a UEFI only boot loader Windows 8.1 with Bing as default, and it has a specific OEM EULA. Because it is a OEM only there is no installation media that you can find unless Intel makes one available (and it would only have to work with their hardware). Microsoft offers it for free to OEM for low power devices, and of course they don't want it to end up powering regular desktops (which we know most likely some people would try).

                                The image provided with MoreFine for example would not work on anything else (even though they are similar hardware).

                                Also the Bing part is a restriction on OEMs. Meaning Intel could not change the default search engine to Google. So from the very nature there would not be Windows 8.1 with Bing ISO to download.

                                Not really protecting anyone, I just wanted to clarify that from other manufacturers Intel is doing better for its customers, and as you say this is a forum for us the community, but the initial post said that Windows version was weird, and that you needed to install drivers from a lot of different sources.

                                What I kept wondering is why not install the drivers specific to Compute Stick and then the chipset drivers. If you are installing a stock version of Windows (regardless of bing or not) it will not have the drivers for most of the components due to being so new, almost every clean install I have done resulted in installing network, then chipset and then updates. Links to Compute Stick have already been posted so no need to posted twice (and with this post it is 3 times).

                                Maybe you had already installed all the drivers from the list, and still had missing drivers, but beyond there, my original point was, that the windows version is not different in this case. I was trying to avoid typing all this

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                                  Hi Reaper607

                                  How can I install the ones in google drive folder, I don't see any setup files?

                                  Can you please help me?




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                                    Since that driver store folder didn't have everything, I grabbed the one from the install.wim in the recovery partition in full and compressed it (unzip using 7-Zip).  This should get everything.
                                    IntelComputeStick-DriverStore.7z - Google Drive

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