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    Very Slow TFTP Performance on some motherboards


      I work for a small PC manufacture company who use Intel products exculsively; for OS deployment I use a server running Microsoft Server 2003 32bit and boot pxe using tftp and pxelinux which then allows me to load LiveXP(WinPE).


      This I have working perfectly and have been using LiveXP for 6 months or so without an issue; however with the release of some of Intel newer motherboards the load time of LiveXP has become very slow. On a DG43GT motherboard LiveXP will load in 30-40 seconds; which given it is 130MB is perfectly reasonable, however on DP55WB motherboard it will take 5-7 minutes to load. I have also noticed this on some of the new range of server motherboards(5500 series). I have seen this on other random machines we have had in for repair; a Sony Laptop with a Marvell network chip behaves in the same way.


      I have tried 3 different TFTP servers and fiddled with block sizes to no avail; so I'm looking for ideas, perhaps some significant technical difference between the 82567v network controller on the DG43GT and the 82578DC on the DP55WB that might cause this.


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          I have a partial answer to my problem; in that I know what the issue is, but I don't know how to solve the issue.


          The problem is related to the problem with the DP55 LAN which there have been several threads about in the desktop section of this forum in that the LAN runs at 10Mbit even when the switch it connects to is capable of more.


          I can force the switch to full speed and TFTP then runs at the correct speed; but because of the machine production environment I cannot leave it on anything other than auto as other LAN controllers on different motherboards then fail to behave correctly.


          I have yet to find out how TFTP decides its link speed and if/where I might change that; so if anyone has come across this that would be great.


          I have been able to use the new 14.6 driver for all the network logins beyond the initial TFTP load; although LiveXP takes 7 minutes to load I can access the network at the correct speed within LiveXP, so although Intel have 'fixed' the DP55 LAN problem with a driver update I suspect there is a lower level issue perhaps with their PXE firmware.



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            My guess about the firmware appears to be correct; the newly released bios which contains a PXE firmware update has fixed the problem