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    RAID - Drive replacement Steps




      I have read thru google and on this community to find the CORRECT steps in replacing a faulty drive in a RAID config and have been rather unsuccessful.


      Any help on the correct steps to follow would be of great help.


      One of the drives in a 4 Drive RAID setup when faulty and Matrix Storage Console advised the replacement.


      I removed the 1X 320GB drive and replaced it with a 500GB as no 320gb are available.


      The RAID Drive has been partitioned into 2 drives Boot C: and Data E:


      I booted the machine,started the rebuild and the process finished after 8 hours with version 7.5 of the matrix storage console.


      Most server services are fine as they reside on the boot drive being C:,   The E: drive with all the backup information does not even show up as drive in windows explorer.


      What are the steps to follow in such a environment?


      The only option i could find was a upgrade to use full space option which selected and now the RAID is migrating to this setup.  Was this the right choice?