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    S5520SC IASC no CPU/IOH/MEM temperature


      Dear all experts,


      Hope you can help me out. I just built a server consist of: Intel Server S5520SC with 2 w5580 48gig kingston memory. All components are in supported list. Bios/FRUSDR/BMC all updated to latest 42/21/00.45 respectively via EFI. Problem is after installing Intel active system console (IASC) and Intel active management system (IAMS), the IASC does not report the temperature for CPU, IOH and Memory: a hypen is reported (See attached files). I am using the non-intel chasis and updated the FRUSDR with non-intel chasis. Could this caused the CPU/IOH/MEM to disappear? The motherboard temperature is reported ok. Any help is much appreaciated. Thank you. xavir.