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    dg33fb Desktop Board  bios


      i have dg33fb Desktop Board

      the bage of bios not appear

      when i open the pc nothing appear except pointer

      so i want the bios software (.bin not .bio)


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          Hi Ibrahim


          If find hard to understand your query, could you please be a little bit more expecific?






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            Try method given by  alexthesplendidfrench at https://communities.intel.com/thread/6078?start=15&tstart=0


            Well Guys, I think I am a new member of this unfortunate club of the DG33TL owners who had the bad idea to update the bios of his motherboard. Anyway, I FINALLY managed to solve the problem. So you got the ugly black screen with the top left cursor. OK, so you maybe want to do that

            1/Turn off the comp, unplug the alimentation, remove temporairely all the unecessary peripherals.

            2/Put the jumper bios in position 2-3

            3/Turn on the comp and go into the bios menu, desactivate the core multiplexing technology (it's for just a moment), save your options and turn off the comp.

            4/Put the bios jumper in position 1-2, turn on the comp, you can go now in the bios menu, then load the optimal settings of the bios, save that, and reboot, the core multiplexing technology is activated again, but the black screen is forgotten, you can go to the bios menu normally to customize it for your needs.

            5/Replace your peripherals, and yeah, your OS boots normally again.

            6/Say loud "Shame to Intel" for this crap.

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              Harmit, thanks for sharing that information with other users.