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    Windows 7 Drivers?


      Dear Intel,


      When can we expect Windows 7 drivers?  I have a D975XBX2 and have had Windows 7 64-bit RTM installed for 2 months.  I've had Audio problems since switching to Windows 7.  I keep checking everyday for more Windows 7 drivers (specifically the audio driver), but nothing yet.


      I'm a little surprised it's taking so long.  When can I expect this audio driver, and other Windows 7 64-bit downloads, such as the chipset?



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          I am also needing win 7 ( 64 bits ) drivers.


          I tried to use the ones on the INTEL CD that comes with the motherboard ( DG43NB ) but most of drivers guive an error and abort instalation.


          awaiting your news


          juan abba

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            I would imagine that they will be released when windows 7 is released...i mean that would make sense wouldn't it?

            In the meantime, have you tried the vista drivers? the other thing that i found that worked, was letting windows search for the drivers automatically, i found after a month or so it had found all the one i couldn't install manually.

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              The RTM (final) version of Windows 7 was released in early August -- over 2 months ago.


              I realize Intel may not be obligated to release drivers before the public release on 10/22, but since the RTM version has been available to Intel the past 2 months+ for creating drivers, I was hoping to see the drivers shortly after Windows 7 RTM'd.


              Maybe Intel won't even have drivers out by 10/22?  I hope not!


              I'm using the Windows Vista drivers from Intel, where available, but still having audio troubles.  I don't remember seeing drivers available from Windows, but maybe I'll see what I can find with that.

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                Yep, you said it the RTM version, and intel may not be obliged... it's the way it works...I think it's something to do with, this is not teh final version, things could change bla bla...

                i also wonder how long it will take them to get the drivers out once W7 is released.

                When i mean from windows, i mean when u install new hardware and it searches for the drivers automatically, you know what i mean? I had the issue with a wirless card and eventually it found one. It was a generic one but it worked.

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                  thanks to all for the answers.


                  I believe I was not clear enough on my note.

                  The DRIVERS I am having problems with are not for new hardware added to the mother board, but instead the "drivers for the motherboard internal circuits" , that comes in a DVD from Intel.


                  There are for Intel net, Interface for managing engine, audio, etc.


                  This drivers work 100% ok when installed the board on a WIN xp ( 32 bits )


                  When I try to install on a beta version of WIN 7 ( 64 bits) , almost all of the mentioned drivers gave errors and refused to install.

                  Hoppe is clear now



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                    This Windows 7 drivers discontinuation notice was just added.  Quite FRUSTRATING, to say the least.  I just bought the D975XBX2 MB new a bit over 2 years ago.  Why would Intel not offer Windows 7 drivers for boards that were still selling in 2007?  It's still a relatively new MB and I doubt the Windows 7 drivers are much different than the Vista drivers ... so it shouldn't be much work to create Windows 7 drivers.  This is a lousy product support policy.

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                      Hi there,


                      If you are using the DG43NB desktp board, none of the drivers on the dvd may work. The obvious reason might be because when this motherboard was released Windows 7 was not officially released at that time. Hence there would not eb any windows 7 drivers on the motherboard cd/dvd.


                      Windows 7 was just released two days ago, hence you may expect to see motherboard coming with windows 7 drivers on the cd/dvd in the months to come, i guess.


                      Best way to get the windows 7 drivers is to go to the Download Center and download those drivers from there.


                      Please remember, while installing drivers always install the chipset drivers first, then audio, then the remaining.


                      Hope this will be helpful to you.