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    Intel Gig ET Dual Port Teaming Problems


      I got three dual port which are currently teamed as 3 and 3, but I'm having problems on the one NIC where I have the two ports split among the teams as it times out intermittently.  This is what my layout looks like, dual nic #1 has the two ports assigned to team #1, dual nic#2 has the two ports assigned to team#2, the dual nic#3 has one port on team#1 and the second port on team#2.  If I run a continous ping to any IP interface i will lose pings after a few minutes, once I disable on port or remove the links on the split nic my network connectivity stays solid and consistent.   Any ideas why this would happen?

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          Hard to make guesses without knowing more. Adding a third port on another NIC to a team should work, especially when all the adapters are the same.


          What teaming mode are you using? Are there any VLANs configured? How is each port connected to your network? (Same switch, different switches, same subnet, different subnets?) Are the NICs part of virtual machines?


          Are you using DHCP or static IP addresses? I know if you assign a static IP address too quickly after forming a team, that the address sometimes does not work in Windows. The work around in that case is to create the team, wait a few minutes, then assign the static addresses. Not sure that this applies to your teams since they initially answer pings.


          For your test you are pinging the team's IP address, right?


          Are all three adapters configured alike (except for the split on team assignments)?


          What is your OS and Service Pack? Might not matter, but nice to know when trying to figure this out.

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            Thanks Mark for your prompt response.  I have the nic cards teamed in a IEEE802.3ad mode.  The OS is windows server 2003 SP2 and I have a static IP's that I can ping from the outside of the this physical machine with not time outs.  It's is only when pinging from inside the machine to the outside that I will lose pings.  All nics are in LACP active mode on my cisco switch and both teamed nics are on the same vlan, these nics actually point to an iSCSCI SAN.


            If I ping both iSCSI ports from this box i will get time outs when all ports are enabled, so to me it looks like the problem is on the single dual port nic that has the interfaces split into different teams as the other nics don't have a problem where both ports are on the same team interface.  I have already tried swapping with another dual NIC card thinking it might have gone bad, but problem continued after replacement ruling out the physical device.

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              I ran this by one of my coworkers, and he had a couple of ideas.

              1. Make sure that you are using contiguous ports on the Cisco switch for each team.
              2. If you are using contiguous ports, maybe something about the way the connections from the ANS driver and Windows got messed up when adding the 3rd port. Something to try would be to completely remove the team and VLAN settings. Then create the team with all 3 ports and configure the VLAN settings. Wait a couple of minutes and then assign the static IP addresses.

              Hopefully, one of the above will resolve the problem.