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    S5520SC IASC no processors temperature


      Dear Experts,


      I recently built a intel server system consists:

      Intel Sever board S5520SC

      Xeon W5580 qty 2

      Kingston KVR1333D3D4R9S4G total 48G

      Non-intel Chasis.

      System bios 42

      BMC 45

      ME firmware 1.11

      FRUSDR 21



      I installed the intel server management agent (ISMA) and intel active system console (IASC)  from the accompanied DVD version 3.5.1. However, in the IASC, the temperature sensor in the sensor reading tab reports hyphen readings for: (see attached pictures)

      1.IOH therm margin

      2.Mem P1 Thrm mrgn

      3.Mem P2 Thrm mrgn

      4.P1 Therm margin

      5.P2 Therm margin


      Baseboard temperature reading = ok (no hyphen)


      According to the IASC manual, the hyphen reading means unsupported. Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated.