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    NUC i7 won't boot




      I've just received my brand new Intel NUC i7 (NUC5i7RYHR) and set it up.  Plugged it into the monitor and switched it on with an optical drive and Windows 7 Professional disc inside.  Rather than give me any BIOS, it went straight into loading some windows files, then just hung on black screen.  I've tried this a couple of times but no success and no sign at all of the BIOS.


      I've downloaded the latest version of BIOS and plugged that in before startup with a USB.  Still no sign of anything...


      Frustrated with this one and looking for any advice as to get this working properly.  I know it might well be me being a newbie but all help gratefully appreciated.


      My setup:

      • NUC5i7RYHR
      • Samsung EVO 250GB m.2
      • Crucial 8GB DDR3 SODIMM 1.35v
      • Dell P2715Q Monitor

      Frustrated of Oz!

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          I should also have saids that I am using a DP to Mini-DP cable for Monitor to NUC.

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            And that the RAM Model# is CT102464BF160B.

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              I am not from Intel, and this is just a guess in case you want to try something while waiting for potential later answer.  First you should be able to get into the BIOS settings, that might be possible if you remove the Windows disc and try pressing F2 at an early time during the boot.  If you cannot get it with the F2 key, there is something called the "Power Button Menu" which involves starting from power off then holding down power button for very specific amount of time (around three seconds not much longer - if you get it right I think the power LED briefly changes from blue to orange).  Once in Visual BIOS, my idea is that you might try Advanced-Devices-Video and change the primary monitor setting from the default Auto to your specific DisplayPort.  Then exit/save and see whether the Windows disc will end up at install screens rather than blank screen.  Of course change that setting back to Auto if you ever want HDMI.

              Again, that setting change/result is just a guess - no promises that it will solve it.  Another idea would be if you have cable which you can attach to the mini HDMI instead - my guess is that you don't have that or you would have mentioned it.  Final idea (again just a guess) is that Windows 7 might want one of the Boot settings changed in Visual BIOS - Legacy vs UEFI and/or Secure Boot.  I think the default is to try UEFI then Legacy but not Secure, and I would think those would work from the disc (I assume 64-bit) and/or USB that you mentioned (I think there are various web pages that describe how to make a bootable USB from disc and how it might be useful for UEFI install).

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                I think reading this might help for installation steps on Win 7 / 8 / 8.1


                How to install Windows 8.1 on the Samsung XP941 / SM951 SSD


                We're here to help.

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                  I suggest trying with HDMI as well in case dougho is correct or there is something wrong with the DP cable.


                  It could be a memory issue somehow; can you try booting with a single memory stick in the lower memory socket?

                  I see the memory that you are using is 1024Meg x 64. I suggest asking Crucial* about the density since I would think is non-compatible memory.



                  This Intel® NUC model supports 8192 MB, double-sided, 4 Gbit, 512 M x8/512 M x8, as per page 19 of the Technical Product Specification.