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    On-board 82567LF-2 network adapter on DP45SG cannot start in new install of Windows XP Pro (32-bit)


      I have built a new machine using these components:
      Motherboard: Intel DP45SG
      CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
      RAM: Crucial 2 x 2GB DDR3PC3 (CT2KIT25664BA1067)
      Disk: Western Digital Caviar Green SATA 1TB


      Once I had assembled everything, I did the following:
      Partitioned the disk to create a 30GB system partition for installing the OS
      Performed a clean install of Windows XP Pro SP2 (32-bit)
      Upon first boot, updated the BIOS time, continued into Windows, and installed the drivers from CD that came with motherboard


      The on-board network adapter (Intel 82567LF-2) does not work. The Windows Device Manager reports "The device cannot start (Code 10)" in the Device status box on the General tab. It also reports the Location of the device to be PCI bus 0, device 25, function 0.


      I uninstalled the device using the Windows Device Manager, shut down the machine, rebooted, and reinstalled the software, but still had the same issue.


      I installed Windows XP SP3, but still had the same issue.


      I installed the latest LAN driver from Intel website (downloaded via another PC). The Device Manager reports this as driver version dated 3/26/2009. Still have the same issue.


      Installed latest BIOS (SGP4510H.86A.0121.2009.0828.1117) from Intel website (again, downloaded via another PC), but still had the same issue.


      I found a couple of posts in the Intel forums recommending complete power-down of the system as a possible fix for an inoperative network card, so I unplugged the system from the surge protector overnight. However, when I plugged the machine back in and booted it the next morning, I still had the same issue.


      I then removed the motherboard battery for about 15 minutes, but still had the same issue with the network adapter after replacing it and rebooting the machine.


      A few other observations:
      There is no light whatsoever on the back panel of the PC where the LAN port is.


      There are also a couple of beeps when the machine boots - not sure if that is anything important or not.
      The first beep happens just as the BIOS menu appears (hit F2 to enter setup, etc.). It is a single, high-pitched, short beep. Then, when the BIOS menu disappears, there is another single, lower, longer beep. The machine then boots into Windows.


      The machine is otherwise functional and stable, although after I installed the BIOS update I no longer see the Windows XP splash screen while the OS loads. Right now I don't have my user account password protected, so it boots straight into the normal UI. I'm not sure why this is happening, but the machine seems to work fine (except for the network problem, of course).


      I'm beginning to think perhaps the on-board network device is simply DOA. Any thoughts? I've run out of ideas...