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    motherboard dg31pr (problem with BIOS password reseting)


      I put a password for BIOS Security.

      I thought it will be needed only for editing BIOS settings.

      But I need to enter password every time I power on the machine(before booting).

      Also if I enter to the BIOS settings almost all menus are disabled .

      what I do.............

      plz help me....

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          Hello Chellon,


          Intel Desktop Board:


          Method to remove Supervisor Password:

          Switch the BIOS Jumper to the Configuration/Maintenance Mode

          Then you will have an option Clear BIOS Password.

          Select this option

          Save and Exit

          Switch off the System

          Put the jumper back to normal position.


          More Information on BIOS Jumper: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-028780.htm


          You can do a CMOS clear also by removing the RTC battery and disconnect the power plug for a few mins.


          I just did it on my Intel Board.


          All the best,




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            1st shutdown your computer then open your caseing of CPU then find the BIOS Reset Jumper in the motherboard

            Note :-  ( all type of motherbord are Available jumper setting option in a motherboard physically)


            2nd set the bios jumper in the motherboard ( normal mode to bios clear mode)


            3rd then start your computer then press F2 go bios setup ( this time system not ask bios password)



            then BIOS setup wizard see on your screen



            first option well be their ( clear bios password)  - press F10 -press y - press Enter

            Message come on screen :- then system tell you change your jumper setting back to the normal mode


            press Ctrl+Alt+Delete


            after restarting direct discounect your power supply ( switch off your power button)


            system is complete off


            change your jumper setting ( bios clear mode to normal mode )



            happy ending your bios password is clear