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    DQ45CB Board, memory timing and memory reported strangeness.

      Hi all,


      I have a DQ45CB motherboard in two different computers (one running Windows XP 32 bit and the other running Linux 64 bit).


      I have a really strange problem... if I set memory timings to manual and enter the SPD numbers (i.e. run the memory exactly as "auto" would), approximately 900 MB (almost a gigabyte!) of memory is not seen by either OS. If I set the BIOS memory timings back to "auto", the full amount of ram shows up.


      For example, with 8 GB installed on the Linux box (running Linux 64 bit), the memory shows up like this:


      Auto mode: 7972348 K memory

      Manual mode: 6981124 K memory


      I would like to run my ram at standard timings, but up the voltage from 1.80 to 2.00, but I can't do so unless I use manual mode. And if I use manual mode, I lose almost a gigabyte of RAM!


      By the way, the boards are flashed with the newest BIOS (0101). The problem hasn't changed.


      Any ideas... anyone?




      -- Roger

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          I'm having this same problem, on bios version 0129.


          Glad to find out I can regain that lost gb by switching back to auto.  (not that I was tweaking voltages or anything, just setting it from the detected 5-5-5-18 timing to the ram's ACTUAL 5-5-5-13 timing).


          I must say I'm quite bewildered by this product.  SO many features, most of them very nice and rare..  but so many silly problems with the bios it's almost not worth it