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    DH87RL - RMA


      Hey All


      Please help......


      I have this....


      Board - DH87RL, with latest bios version. (3.27)

      Ext. Graphic Card - Radeon HD6970 2GB

      Cpu    - i5-4430

      Ram   - Kingston Value Ram DDR3 4GB 1600Mhz CL11

      Psu    - 600 Watt


      Purchased on 7/9-2013 by a dealer.


      The board has been running very well until now.

      The board would not startup after a reset. I get 2 beeps with indicate no VGA option ROM is found.

      I disconnect my radeon card and tried to boot whit the onboard graphic, same error beep

      Then I tried a bios recovery, removed the jumper, but no recovery screen and still 2 beeps. I then tried this many time, and suddenly, the recovery screens shows.

      Then I did a bios recovery ( Bios v.3.27 ), but still the same.

      Then I took the board out of case, and disconnect every thing. And tried the same again. But still the same.


      So I am 100% sure my board I dead.

      And I can see on the communities, that this error is  common..

      My dealer, would not swap it under warranty, but refers to Intel's support and do a rma.

      I am not happy, that my dealer do this, but if this there policy. then so be it.

      But how do I do that when I come from Denmark.?

      And where do I send the board.?

      How long will I takes to get the board back after repair or possible a replacement board.?


      Sorry if my English is crap, put it is at long time, since I went to school...


      Regards from Denmark


      Robert Larsen