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    xw4200 WorkStation recognizes 4gb but only uses 3.25gb



      So basically my PC is only recognizing 3.25gb of my Ram. I have researched this various ammounts of times. Done BIOS updates (Currently on Version 1.09)

      I have tried a few methods like the MSConfig>Memory>AdvancedSettings.

      Even CPU-Z recognizes all 4gb. Same in my BIOS and Same in My Computer except only 3.25 is usable.


      CPU-Z (Image of 4gb Recognized)



      My Computer (You have all seen this before. But just to provide more information)



      I know my RAM is not buggered either. As I have tried it in a xw4300 WorkStation


      Im not sure if this is even in the right section. Sorry if its not I did look around for the most appropriate section