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    Xeon questions

      Can you please help me?  I currently have a Dell 3.2 dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor with Hyper-Threading  955X Express chipset that I use to video edit.  I want to buy last years HP workstation and can't decide which xeon to put in it.  I am considering a single X5260 3.33 dual core, single X5450 3.0 quad core or two X5450 3.0 quad core.  Can you put them in order for speed, amount of heat they will give (fan noise to keep cool),  amount of power it will use and compare them to my current computer for speed increase I would receive?  Sorry for all the questions.
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          X5260 = 80W TDP

          X5450 = 120W TDP

          X5450 = 2x120W TDP


          So that would be the order heat/noise.


          Converting a HD MPEG2 to H264 on the 840 takes ~143s, the X5260 ~80s and the X5450 ~50s depending on if the encoder can use 8 cores then the dual X5450 could be faster.  This is based on data from tomshardware cpu charts Q1/08 for desktop CPU's.