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    DQ45CB Motherboard - no video, no chassis fan, no boot

      I'm assembling a desktop system with a DQ45CB motherboard.


      E8500 Processor

      OCZ Platinum Edition 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800


      SATA HD and SATA OD


      I booted the system the first time with 8GB of RAM. Entered BIOS to make changes prior to loading an OS. All components showed up. I turned away for a moment to check the specs I wanted in BIOS and when I looked back, the screen was blank. I jiggled the mouse, tapped keys, and the screen remained blank. It was still plugged in. It was as if the MB had powered off.


      I restarted the system and got a green light on the board and the box power LED was lit. The AMT red light was cycling on and off slowly. The CPU fan was spinning when the AMT red light was on and no spin when it was off but no chassis fan. The HD was spinning. I put a CD in the OD and it spun. Still no video. No beep code


      I pulled the MB out of the case and put it on my anti-static mat, disconnected the HD, and switched power supplies. Same result.

      I pulled half the RAM and went down to 4 MB. Same Results. I switched RAM. Same results. I pulled all the RAM. No beep code. I put 4 MB back in.

      I pulled the CMOS battery and left it for an hour powered off. When I powered up the only difference was the AMT LED stayed on continuously and the CPU fan stayed spinning. Still no video. Still no beep code.


      I made a BIOS recovery CD, put the CD in the drive and pulled the jumper to start recovery mode. The CD drive spun but nothing happened in the 20 minutes I left in in recovery mode; no video, no chassis fans, no boot. I powered off completely and put the jumper back to normal and powered up. Nothing new; same-same.


      Is it time to RMA the board?


      Thanks for any advice or help.