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    suggest a motheboard




      recently i purchased a new system : (q9550, dg41ty, 4 gb ddr2, 500 gb hdd)


      but faced a very disappointed performace with the motherboard dg41ty..... and finally i decided to purchase a new one...

      with a very deep search, i found one motherboard which is compatible (DQ45 cb), but dont know is this good, or this is also the same problamatic mb like dg41ty.....


      please suggest me motherboard.... i am a web developer. and requires lots of applcations running same time and some of them requires lots of memory....


      i have just some basic requirement for my system (stability, proper lan / internet connectivity, speed, and on board graphics card)


      please also suggest me rating for motherboard... am little bit confused with the name....

      1. extreme

      2. executive

      3 classic

      4 media

      5 essential..


      for last 1.5 month i am unalbe to work..... my motherboard is not supporitng any thing... i have lot of lots of trouble...


      please suggest me a good motherboard


      thanks for your consideration


      best regards

      ashok sharma

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          DX48BT2 or DP45SG are both extreme boards. Really good... I have them both. Just make sure that you upgrade BIOS and it should be fine.


          This two use DDR3






          NOTE- They are power hungry. Minimum 500W ATX V2.2 and you should be fine.