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    Problems with my DX58SO


      I just got my new rig with the specs below:

      Intel DX58SO

      Core i7 920

      3Gb DDR3 ram

      gtx275 nvidia

      700watt epsilon

      500gb wdc black

      Ms Vista ultimate 64-bit


      1. Strange bios

      2. Always appears no hard disk detected on the bios splash screen(don't know exactly what it's called)

      3. When installing the motherboard's drivers, intel matrix storage always fails

      4. The driver's dvd contains no applications, where's the dolby control center and the other apps?

      5. It makes my asthma relapses


      Help me out, Intel! don't make my solid trust of you fades away

      Thanks very much for paying attention. sorry for the bad english T_T