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    Cyberlink PowerDVD9 Ultra under G33


      Does anybody have experience with running Blu-Ray discs using Cyberlink9 Ultra with a G33 chipset? My problem is that PowerDVD9 works fine for normal DVD's but drops out with a "graphics incompatibility" complaint while loading the BD disc. I have loaded the latest driver ( Cyberlink claims they support G33 for Blu-Ray, their BD advisor doesn't report any problems, indeed confirms that it should work. Cyberlink support has been investigating for a while now but have not come up with any solution, nor do they state explicitely what "incompatibility" they find. Any hints are welcome.

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          I just downloaded and tried Arcsoft Totalmedia Theather 3 Platinum and also this throws up a problem. I fails during loading of the disc with "Failed to utilize video overlay in graphics card". Sounds like the same problem (or could be) as Cyberlinks PowerDVD. So, what is this video overlay function? Could it be that it can not "untilize" one because some other peice of S/W (thinking about Vista itself or Media Server), has already one open? Any ideas???

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            I have the same problem. I first tried PDVD9 and it gave that error. I then tried PDVD7.3 and it just gave me an error that said "undefined error". I then updated my drivers to the latest version and it then started giving me the old unsupported card error again. I get the same thing with ArcSoft TMT. Also WindDVD2010 just freezes when trying to open the disc. I ran the PDVD advisor and all was fine. I emailed PDVD support and they got me to send in the report from the advisor tool and the dxdiag logs. After that they just said PowerDVD has issues with your chip G31/G33 Series and therefore is not support. We suggest you contact Intel....... But the intel site clearly states it's compatible..... it even Lists the 3 programs mentioned above.......

            I can play the DVD content with ArcSoft TMT and BSPlayer by opening the .m2ts files. So clearly the hardware is capable of running the content......


            How can Intel say it's supported by these 3 companies then the 3 companies say it is not? Can someone help with this? or better yet can Intel help with this?

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              I got PowerDVD9 to work by changing the settings, So, no incompatibility at all, just Cyberlink not understanding there own products!!! Under settings->blu-ray disc->advanced->windows aero undo the only option on the page "allow PowerDVD to automatically etc". That does the trick, atleast it did for me. CAn now watch standard definition and blu-ray discs. PowerDVD sometimes gets stuck on the menu screen (no picture or sound, just serene nothing). I dont think that has anything to do with G33, just PowerDVD not having the latest definitions yet. Catch it before it gets stuck to force it onto the title screen and play the movie from there. Let me know if this works for you too.

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                WOW.... that actually worked.... It didn't work on PDVD7.3 Ultra but does on ver 9 [using a trial version]. Now just have to aquire a full licensed copy of PDVD9. Thanks for that. Very helpful.





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                  Done, close this one.

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                    A quick note on this chipset/video set. It only supports bluray in Vista. It will not work in Windows XP or Windows 7. The only drivers that support bluray are the vista ones. I even tried to make windows 7 use the vista drivers but it still would not work. Once I rolled back to vista and change the setting mentioned above it worked fine.

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                      That's a bummer. I was thinkling about moving on to Windows 7, but better not than. No solution for this? What does Intel say??

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                        The intel website is where I got that piece of info. If you look up the G33 chipset it states that it only supports bluray in Vista. I even tried to use vista drivers in windows 7 but no luck

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                          Joe, thanks. I guess I have to contact Shuttle about this.