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    D945GCLF2D exact power reqirements and old 120W SFX modding

      I want to use My D945GCLF2D as a tivo-like media server as well as an internet hub. I know that this thing would have a hard time displaying hd content, but I'm hoping it will record fine with a eVGA USB HD tuner, My plan is so create a software raid solution for the media server part as well as for the swap file. , but here's the big thing I would like to use an old 120W power supply without a 12V connector, i.e. add a 12V connector, considering the processor draws only 8W max and my power supply has a 3A 12V rail I don't think I would overload it by adding the 12V connector. the 2 HD's will draw max 1.12A from the 12V rail, so the question is is this feasible here are the exact values +5V=12.0A +12V 3.0A -12V 0.3A +3.3V 10.0A +5Vsb 2.0A 3.3 & 5V max 80W so the question is  is this possible or would this board draw more than a total of 1.88A from the 12V line?

      Help I cannot find total power draw figures for this board